Monday, July 19, 2010

Who is Real hero????

Hi All,
I was thinking for a longer period of time, who would be a real hero in life. I had gone through plenty of films and novels to understand about the basic characteristic of a hero. My mind was masked by plenty of Reel life heroes and their characteristics. It was Mr.RajiniKanth who seemed to be a hero to me because of his style, gesture and hair style. He was in mind for quiet sometime, since human mind swaps between things after sometime I was attracted towards the technically sounded person in film Mr. Kamal Hasan. His unconditional love towards movie, perfection towards profession dragged my attention towards him. While I was at the peak of madness about Mr.Kamal after the release of "Unnai Pol Oruvan", I was happened to see a television program anchored by the great late Mr.Thankatchi Ko Swaminathan. The program name was "Indha Naal Iniya Naal". He was the one who opened my eyes, provoked my thought process and had put an end to the continuous quench for real life hero. He opened my eyes by telling a short story. Story follows...
"King Akbar was asking Beerbal, Beer' Who is a Real hero in life? Beerbal always gives solution and suggestion according to the situation, so he replied King that he will answer the question when the situation arises. A month after, King's birthday celebration started. Announcement were made that palace will be opened for one week , people will be given new clothes and served with high quality food. People were rejoicing and the whole country was in a festival mood. In the midst King wanted to see his country, so he went along with Beerbal to have a visit of his country. While they were moving near the farm lands. King was happened to see a farmer who is working sincerely in his field. King asked their soldiers to bring that farmer near to him. King was asking the farmer " Why are you not enjoying the benefits given by the government ?... All the other people are having lots of fun... Why are u not involving yourself in it? "... Farmer replied polietly "Dear god this fun might last for one week after that I have to strive myself to take care of my families food and shelter"... Beerbal interupted the conversation and told the king "Dear god you asked about the real life right? He is the one (Shows the farmer)"...

Above said story provoked my thoughts and helped me to rewrite my mind with the list heroes in my life. Following are my heroes.
1. Anand - who squeezed himself for his sister's marriage and also for his parents happiness. - I learnt how to be patient and how to work hard.
2. Siva Sailam - who cares others a lot than himself. He get into his friends shoes and make them happy. - I learnt how to be altruist.
3. Muthu Kumar - he is a clone of Mr. Sailam. - I learnt how to be an easy going person.
4. Bala - Who takes care of his old age parents and his bunches of brothers and sisters worries.
- Learnt how to make decisions quickly and precisely.
5. Saravanan - This guy doesnt have any commitment on his own, but consider his friends commitment as his own. - I learnt how to be simple even if I have more wealth.
6. Muni - He is the future of his family, his decision to go abroad helped their family to grow wealthier. - I learnt how to make new friends.
7. Rajaguru - He is a man of fun, who makes others happy. He is a comedy hero.
8. Professor Ramachandran - Though I had a chance of spending only few hours with him, I learnt how much he loves his daughter. (He is my sister's friend father).
9. Karthick E - Who carries his families needs with his tireless shoulder. - I learnt how to be patience.
10. Essaki - I learnt How to maintain a hassle free relationship.
11. Karthick Kumar - He is carrying the entire responsibilty of his family after his father demise.
12. Nellai Mani - He is remoting himself for the welfare of his family.
13. Nirmal - His already in the family of royality earners, his objective is to help others to lead a financially free life. - I learnt how to be positive, how to take life.
14. Vibgy - He is helping his father to make his sister's an MBBS graduate.
15. Thamilenthi - His untiring work towards the welfare of his family and his brothers family. - I learnt how to be an easy going person.
16.Balaji Alagesan - He always measure his growth similar to quarterly update given by the companies.He has unconditional love towards his family and their upliftment(Though he does
not disclose).

This list goes on and on.
Friends please dont mistake me that I have disclosed your personal feelings. I wanted to thank u and I chose this as a right way. Correctr me if I am wrong.

These qualities of the above said people helped myself to grow as a Hero Lol :-).

So in order to sum-up "Those who all love their families, friends and to work towards their upliftment are HEROES" ......