Monday, December 1, 2008

Something to think.......

Hi All this is my first blog, u can even call me a fresher in blogging. So please bear with the language, sentence framing and mokkais.
Since it is a first blog i wanted to tweek your mind(Please bear).

Everytime when we hear some news eg:floods, disaster, terror attacks,etc... We just hear it as a news. Going deeper into the thought, we are just taking that news into our mind only. We just regret for the thing happened and we will start running to chase our dreams. But when it comes to us, we will started feeling the pressure. At that time only we are taking our problems to our heart. Please dont think that i am advicing u to take all that happened in earth to your heart. I just want everyone to get into their shoes to realize the situation, learn from the situation and plan for the future. Also i can tell another example if a neighbour is getting a severe heart challenge, we will adjust into the comfort zone that it came to the neighbour. At this point we are totally ignoring the fact that we are also a neighbour to his house.

The ignites behind the blog are flood in chennai, terror attack in mumbai and some personal challenges.